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Visiting Brasov and Bucharest, Romania

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ryan and I said goodbye to Dubrovnik on November 30! We packed up to travel a bit before landing in Switzerland for the winter. Our first stop on the trip was Romania, where we spent some time Visiting Brasov and Bucharest, Romania.


It took us about 5 hours to drive from Bucharest to Brasov because of holiday traffic. We stayed at the Belfort Hotel, just a short walk from the magical old mountain town. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and more in the old town area - and everything is very inexpensive!

I loved the traditional soups offered in this area, so much so that I bought a cook book full of Transylvanian soup recipes! I can't wait to try them out.

We visited the Brasov Christmas market and window shopped for Christmas presents before heading out into the countryside to see Transylvanian castles! First, we visited Bran castle which is commonly known as Dracula's Castle. It was absolutely beautiful and a bit spooky!

Then we visited Peles castle, a medieval palace in the Carpathian Mountains. We didn't go inside because we had to get back to Bucharest to return our rental car, but we enjoyed the gardens and views of the exterior.

Transylvania, Romania - home to vampires, Dracula, and beautiful medieval architecture


We slowed down a bit in Bucharest and enjoyed walking the city streets. We visited a very fancy book store called Carturesti. I could have curled up in the corner with a book and stayed all day! It was 4 levels and full of spiral staircases, pretty gifts, and vibrant colors! We visited the city's Christmas Market where we rode the ferris wheel and took in Bucharest's amazing views! Also, Ryan finally found a pair of size 12 US boots (size 46 in EU) in Bucharest! We had previously been to a dozen shoe stores that didn't carry his size. His feet were finally warm and he was so happy!

On Sunday night, we boarded an overnight train to Budapest! Budapest post coming soon :) Thanks for reading!

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