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We're Settled in Switzerland!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

This post is long overdue!!

Ryan's drone video from the apartment. The little city is Interlaken.

Cabin on Mountain

Ryan and I arrived in Beatenberg and we are all settled in Switzerland! We are staying in an adorable little Mountain town called Beatenberg. We are about a 30- minute bus ride from Interlaken, where we do most of our shopping, and dining out. Beatenberg is located on the Niederhorn mountain and is full of Swiss charm! When we go for walks, we can hear cowbells jingling! There is a giant lake at the bottom of the mountain, which sets us up for some pretty incredible views! The photo to the left is our pre-snow view from the living room.

We are planning on spending much of our free time enjoying winter sports like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and some good old-fashion sledding (in Switzerland, they have old-school wooden toboggans). We were able to squeeze in a few days of downhill skiing and snowshoeing already, but we haven't tried XC-skiing or sledding yet because the European Alps had record-breaking warm temperatures this winter. Thankfully, we got 12 inches of snow yesterday!

Swiss Church
A little church on our street.

We are about an hour away from some of the best skiing in the country, Grindelwald!! Grindelwald is in the Jungfrau ski region which includes the Top of Europe. I've never skied on a real mountain with fresh powder before, and let me tell you... it's a game-changer! It is way more fun to ski in snow rather than ice and random moguls! Ryan has been an awesome teacher and patient husband.. he always waits for me to catch up :)

Snowshoeing in Beatenberg

Ryan's little sister, Emily, came to visit after Christmas! We spent the first couple of days skiing, and then we celebrated the New Year together in Beatenberg. On NYE, we made traditional Swiss fondue, saw local fireworks and watched the Trychler parade. Trychler is an event in which all the town's bachelors dress up in funny costumes and visit every hotel ringing giant cowbells. Supposedly, it wards off bad spirits. A bit creepy, yes, but entertaining nonetheless!

A quick video of the Trychler parade

So far, we have visited the cities of Bern, Wengen, and Zurich. Zurich was the favorite for all three of us - beautiful, peaceful, and it had so many amazing restaurants! We visited museums, did some shopping, admired a few churches and ate really great food!

Zurich at night
Zurich at night!

During our trip to Wengen, we managed to schedule a last-minute curling lesson. It is way harder than it looks! We had a great time, laughed a lot, and all came to the conclusion that we need more practice.

Enjoy a video of me eating it!!

Thank you for reading! I promise it won't take me a whole month before I write the next post! :)


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