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Destination Weddings: It's Worth it - We Promise!

Are you dreaming of saying "I do" with a breathtaking backdrop of palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze or against the backdrop of a charming European castle? If you're nodding your heads and feeling that wanderlust, then destination weddings might be right up your alley. In this blog post, we're going to dive into the pros and cons of destination weddings and share some tips on how to combat the potential challenges. So, let's start planning your dream wedding adventure!

Wedding in Portugal
Tivoli Palacio de Seteais June 22, 2022

Pros of Destination Weddings:

  1. Unforgettable Experience: A destination wedding is a chance to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. It adds an element of adventure and excitement to your special day, making it truly unique.

  2. Picture-Perfect Settings: Whether you opt for a tropical beach, a historic city, or a mountain retreat, destination weddings offer stunning backdrops for your wedding photos. Imagine the memories captured against a backdrop that will take your breath away!

  3. Intimate Celebration: Planning a destination wedding often means a smaller guest list. This allows you to have a more intimate celebration, surrounded only by your closest family and friends.

  4. Extended Celebration: A destination wedding often turns into a multi-day celebration, giving you more time to bond with your loved ones. From welcome dinners to beach parties, you can extend the festivities and create lasting memories.

Destination wedding in portual
Tivoli Palacio de Seteais Ballroom

Cons of Destination Weddings:

  1. Guest Attendance: One of the main challenges of a destination wedding is ensuring that your loved ones can attend. Ability to travel, travel costs, time off work, and other commitments may prevent some guests from joining you. It's harder for many grandparents and those with young children to attend destination weddings - keep this in mind.

  2. Increased Planning Complexity: Organizing a wedding in an unfamiliar location can be more challenging. You'll have to deal with local vendors, cultural differences, and possibly language barriers, which can add a layer of complexity to the planning process.

  3. Cost Considerations: Destination weddings can be more expensive than traditional weddings due to travel and accommodation costs for both you and your guests. It's essential to budget carefully and consider the financial impact on everyone involved.

Destination wedding in portugal
View from the Palace

Combatting the Cons:

  1. Provide Ample Notice: To maximize the chances of your loved ones attending, send out save-the-date cards well in advance. This allows guests to plan their schedules and budget for the trip. We recommend sending save-the-date cards out a year in advance.

  2. Offer Accommodation Options: Research and negotiate accommodation deals for your guests, whether it's securing a block of rooms at a hotel or suggesting nearby budget-friendly options. Providing different price ranges can accommodate various budgets. We recommend supplementing your guest's accommodation as a part of the wedding budget. *Hot take*: DO NOT book a wedding venue (hotel) that is out of your budget and count on your guests to stay there to supplement the cost. It's extremely tacky, and if fewer guests show up than you anticipated, you could find yourself in some financial trouble. We see this all the time, especially with destination weddings.

  3. Hire a Wedding Planner: Consider enlisting the help of a local wedding planner who is familiar with the destination. They can assist with logistics, recommend trusted vendors, and alleviate stress during the planning process. This is a must-do in our opinion.

  4. Create an Information Hub: Set up a wedding website or share a digital guide with all the necessary information, including travel details, local attractions, and recommended activities. This will help guests navigate their trip and make the most of their time at the destination

Destination wedding in portugal
Car entrance with my Dad!

Destination weddings offer a magical and unique experience for couples who love to travel and want to celebrate their special day in a breathtaking setting. While they do come with some challenges, with careful planning, open communication, and a bit of extra effort, you can combat these cons and create a wedding celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. We loved our destination wedding in Sintra, Portugal, and wouldn't have changed a thing! Love and travel make an incredible combination!

Destination weddings in portugal
Love in Portugal!


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