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Digital Nomad Journey in Croatia: Our First Day in Croatia!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

After years of dreaming about living abroad, Ryan and I are finally HERE!! Our plan is to bounce around Europe for one year and spend 1-3 months in several cities. First stop is Dubrovnik, Croatia! Follow our digital nomad journey in Croatia!

Here are a few of my initial thoughts upon arriving to Dubrovnik:

  • The landscape is INCREDIBLE. The taxi ride from the airport was full of endless bright blue water and massive hills. Plus, the weather is perfect! 80 degrees with a breeze.. I know I'll be laying out at the beach tomorrow!

  • The people here are so kind and helpful.. and they speak English! They love coffee, wine and walking their dogs... we will fit in just fine here!

  • The city is small, but tourism is huge. There are only about 50,000 locals living here year round, but the old town streets are crowded with tourists snapping photos. We met a local last night who said things will slow down significantly in a month or so.

We rented a small 2-bedroom condo on AirBnb in a friendly local neighborhood called Lapad. It's working out well so far! There are plenty of restaurants, wine bars, grocery stores and things to do within walking distance. We don't have a car - so this is key! When we do need a ride, Uber's are very cheap and always around. I even found a yoga studio that's a few minutes away from the condo!

Lapad is about a 20 minute walk to Old Town Dubrovnik - AKA #KingsLanding from #GameofThrones and #HouseoftheDragon. Ryan and I did a short walking tour with a local last night. We adored the tiny town's charm and we were both shocked by the size of the massive walls surrounding the city. We took some pictures to share below:

Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia Game of Thrones The Red Keep Jon Snow Kneel
Old Town Dubrovnik - You might recognize this area from Game of Thrones. The Red Keep is on top of the hill and Jon kneeled to Daenerys at the end of this pier!

Pile Bay Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia Battle of Blackwater Bay Game of Thrones King's Landing
Pile Bay - Known for the epic battle of Blackwater Bay in Game of Thrones.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat on Konoba Carpaccio's street patio.

Bakus Wine Bar Dubrovnik Croatia Local Bar
An adorable local took us to Bakus Wine Bar. It was the perfect hidden gem with a quiet and quaint atmosphere. Major Plus: we found the next bottle to bring to our family wine tasting party!

Our first night out in Dubrovnik ended at Cafe Festival on Stradun Street. We (read: me) belted out What's Up by 4 Non Blondes with a local musician, drank great cocktails and plotted ways to make a house for Anastazija the Cat! (She might get her own blog post later). It was a great first night in our new city!

You guys!!!! I did it! My first blog post ever! I'll definitely be writing another one soon. Thanks for reading!



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