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How Amazon Workspaces Lets Digital Nomads and Expats Access US-based Data from Anywhere

Amazon Workspaces for Digital Nomads and Expats

If you're looking for an answer to any of the following questions, you've come to the right place:

  1. What is Amazon Workspaces and how can it be used by digital nomads and expats?

  2. How do I access Netflix from overseas as an expat or digital nomad?

  3. Why can't I visit some US sites from overseas?

  4. How secure is Amazon Workspaces for remote work?

  5. How can I protect my data if I'm worried about my laptop being lost or stolen?

  6. How to travel light if I need a powerful computer?

  7. Can I access region-specific online services with Amazon Workspaces?

  8. Can Amazon Workspaces be accessed from any device or location?

  9. How does Amazon Workspaces provide a consistent work environment across different devices?

  10. Can I use high-powered computing features on a light device with Amazon Workspaces?

  11. Is Amazon Workspaces a cost-effective solution for remote work?

  12. How can I watch American sports games when overseas?

Introduction to Amazon Workspaces

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for remote, flexible, and secure working solutions is paramount. Enter Amazon Workspaces, a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) that allows users to access documents, applications, resources, and their personal desktop virtually from anywhere. Particularly beneficial for digital nomads and expats, this cloud-based service provides a robust and reliable platform for work without geographical constraints. Imagine having your office with you wherever you go, accessible at the click of a button, without the need for expensive hardware. Amazon Workspaces, with its versatile capabilities, has made this a reality, transforming the way we work and making the world a truly global workplace. Whether you're on a beach in Bali, a café in Paris, or a co-working space in New York City, Amazon Workspaces ensures your work is always within reach.

Security and Compliance

Working remotely overseas creates some challenges for compliance and many companies are wary about allowing their data to be accessed from overseas. A standout feature of Amazon Workspaces is its robust security and compliance architecture. All data is stored in a datacenter region chosen by you, such as US-East located in Northern Virginia, with Amazon Workspaces ensuring that your data doesn't leave this region. When you access another system from your workspace, the connection originates directly from the workspace, not your computer. This way, only pixel information is sent to your device, not data. This design is compliant with regulations that restrict data export to other countries, providing the same level of security as if you were physically located at the data center. Your logins appear as coming from the data center location, further ensuring data security and privacy. Thus, Amazon Workspaces offers a fortified environment that meets high standards of security and compliance, even when accessed from remote corners of the world.

Access to Localized Services

Another great advantage of Amazon Workspaces is its capability to provide access to localized services. As your workspace is tied to the data center region you've chosen, it can interact with online services as though it is located in that particular region. This feature proves incredibly valuable when accessing region-specific services, like Netflix libraries, certain banking sites, or websites that only cater to specific regions. Many of these services have VPN detection, but they are unable to block Workspaces. For instance, some sites restrict access to European users to avoid GDPR compliance (even seemingly benign sites, like and With Amazon Workspaces, you can circumnavigate such restrictions. As a digital nomad or an expat, this feature gives you a virtual presence in the country of your workspace's data center, granting you access to essential services as though you were physically there. This can significantly enhance your experience and convenience when you're on the go or situated in a different geographical location.

Access Anywhere and Device Flexibility

Amazon Workspaces is designed to cater to the mobile, ever-changing lifestyle of digital nomads and expats. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, Workspaces can be accessed from any location in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you're lounging on a beach in Thailand, working from a bustling café in Tokyo, or in the quiet of your hotel room in Rome, your workspace remains consistently accessible. But the convenience doesn't stop there. Amazon Workspaces offers device flexibility as well, meaning you can access your workspace from a variety of devices – laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. With this feature, you can transition seamlessly between devices according to your needs and circumstances, without disrupting your workflow. This ubiquity and device-agnostic design make Amazon Workspaces a vital tool in the digital nomad's arsenal, providing a seamless work experience regardless of location or device.

Consistent Work Environment

One of the key benefits of Amazon Workspaces is the ability to create and maintain a consistent work environment, regardless of the device you're accessing it from. Imagine opening your workspace on a tablet in a hotel in Berlin, and finding all your applications, settings, and files exactly as you left them on your laptop in Boston. This is the convenience Amazon Workspaces offers. It allows you to set up your preferred working environment with all your necessary software and personal preferences. This environment remains unchanged and ready for you to pick up where you left off, no matter which device you log in from next. For digital nomads and expats who frequently change locations and devices, this feature ensures a continuity of work and convenience that traditional computing methods can't offer. With Amazon Workspaces, your work stays consistent, while your surroundings keep changing.

Travel Light with Powerful Computing

Another compelling feature of Amazon Workspaces is its ability to provide high-powered computing without the burden of heavy hardware. Amazon Workspaces offers various tiers of computing power to suit different needs, all of which operate offboard. This means all processing is done in the cloud, and not on your device, which makes it possible to access a high-powered workspace even from a small, light laptop or tablet. This feature is especially important for digital nomads and expats, as it allows them to travel light without compromising their computing needs. Remember, with Amazon Workspaces, you're only receiving pixels on your device; all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud. This convenience enables you to operate from virtually anywhere, even with limited device capabilities or lower bandwidth, making your nomadic lifestyle that much more efficient and enjoyable.

Secure Data Storage

Data security is a top concern for digital nomads and expats, who often work on-the-go and in public spaces. Amazon Workspaces provides a high level of security to keep your work data safe, even in adverse situations. Since data is not stored on your device but securely in the cloud, there's no need to worry about data loss or breaches in case your device gets lost, stolen, or damaged. All your data remains secure and accessible in your Workspace. This feature is especially valuable in the context of a mobile lifestyle, where the risk of device damage or loss can be significantly higher. With Amazon Workspaces, peace of mind comes as standard, letting you focus on your work and travels without worrying about the safety of your data.

Cost-Effective Solutions

The flexibility and functionality of Amazon Workspaces come at a surprisingly affordable price, making it a cost-effective solution for digital nomads and expats. Amazon offers a free tier of Workspaces for users who don't require high-powered computing, letting you explore the service without financial commitment for a certain period. Following this, monthly plans start at just under $20, a small price for the convenience, security, and flexibility offered. This cost-effectiveness is further accentuated when you consider the savings on hardware and software upgrades, as Amazon handles all updates and enhancements at the backend. Therefore, Amazon Workspaces not only makes it easy to work from anywhere but does so without breaking the bank, making it a preferred choice for those seeking quality and value.

Reliable Backups and Recovery

Backing up work and having a recovery plan is crucial for anyone, but it becomes even more significant for digital nomads and expats who are constantly on the move. Fortunately, Amazon Workspaces has built-in backup and recovery solutions designed to protect users' data from potential loss. This automated backup system safeguards your workspace and its contents, ensuring that your work is not lost due to unforeseen circumstances like software crashes or hardware failure. Moreover, in case of any issues, the recovery feature allows you to restore your workspace quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity in your work. With Amazon Workspaces, you can work with confidence, knowing that your data is protected and recoverable, no matter where your travels take you.

Things to Know When Using Amazon Workspaces

While Amazon Workspaces offers numerous benefits, there are a few points to keep in mind to maximize your experience.

Firstly, the system sets the time based on the computer you access it from, which could cause discrepancies on applications like Slack or Calendars if you're working across different time zones. A simple solution is to manually set your computer time to align with your workspace.

Secondly, if you need to conduct video calls through platforms like Zoom, you'll need to use the Workspaces Streaming Protocol (WSP). However, keep in mind that this feature is not supported on all devices, including iPads, so you'll want to plan accordingly.

Remember, every tool comes with its own set of considerations and Amazon Workspaces is no different. By keeping these points in mind and adapting to them, you can effectively leverage the vast potential of Amazon Workspaces, making it an indispensable tool in your digital nomad lifestyle.


In the increasingly digital and mobile world we live in, services like Amazon Workspaces are paving the way for a new kind of work-life balance. For digital nomads and expats, it provides a robust, secure, and consistent work environment that can be accessed from any location, on any device. From providing region-specific access to secure data storage, and from high-powered computing to cost-effective solutions, Amazon Workspaces has proven to be a game-changer. Its inherent backup and recovery solutions further cement its position as a reliable workspace solution. As we navigate the intricacies of this digital tool, it's clear that Amazon Workspaces is not just about transforming how we work; it's about enhancing the quality of our work-life experience, wherever we choose to be. With Amazon Workspaces, the world truly becomes your office.

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